That's How I Know

"That's How I Know" is a modern country love song with traditional country flavor. Sarah shares intimate aspects of her own personal life and reveals her valued qualities in a relationship. 

Last Kiss

There are some relationships that end too soon. “Last Kiss” is about that heart-wrenching moment when you look back and contemplate how fast it went by. After a rough break up, Sarah Ashley wrote this song as her form of processing her raw, real emotions.

Trouble With Good Whiskey

Sarah describes Trouble With Good Whiskey as being like walking into your favorite watering hole, hearing man in black outlaw country mixed with good Tennessee whiskey pumping from the stage, and having a great time with friends way after closing time.

Watch What I Can Do

“It’s really very personal, this song expresses emotions that I think take you from a very low place, then finally getting to experience that moment of empowerment.”

That’s How I Know-Lyric Video

Watch What I Can Do-Official Music Video