Sarah Ashley is a Nashville songwriting expert eager to revolutionize how modern artists think about writing music. She urges creatives to build their own music collection by drawing from their emotions and life lessons. 


Her musical beginnings started in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” (AKA Minnesota) where even as a toddler, she could be found making music, banging on pots and pans. As she grew up, her grandparents would discipline her by sitting her down in front of the family organ. Little did she know, this would lead to countless duets with her grandfather on clarinet while she played along. Along her musical journey, she fell in love with artists like The Mamas & The Papas, The Beach Boys, Patsy Cline, and various classic 1940’s country artists that were constantly pumped through her audiophile father’s speaker-filled house.


As Sarah’s musical talent built, she found herself drawn to the University of South Dakota where she got her Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Arts, later getting her Masters Degree in Business Administration. Combining her skillsets of business admin, project planning, and music theory, she realized that her expertise and passion was to be immersed in the art of Songwriting, both as an artist and consultant.


Her original music is reminiscent of old-school country with a modern twist, incorporating classic elements like singalong melodies, shredding fiddle, and walking bass lines. Her originals range from sobering love songs to whiskey-drenched party anthems, with impressive leads, intensely emotional delivery, and radio-ready production value expected from Music Row. Drawing inspiration from nature, Sarah embraces the superpower to partner with the Universe to create the audible imagery necessary to write a powerful, authentic song. 


Sarah Ashley has won multiple awards for her music as well as accepting Gold for Female Vocalist of the Year at the International Singer Songwriter Association. As of 2023 She recently became an International Singer Songwriters Association Judge, a Country Music Association member, and an Academy of Country Music award member. Sarah Ashley also is working in collaboration with the talented Amy Jo to complete a four song EP. Sarah Ashley is excited for all that is going to come within the future. 


In the midst of a thriving career, she partnered with Amy Jo, a melodic lyrical genius in her own right, to create Naturally Remastered, a three-pillar songwriting program for budding artists of all ages. Together, they redefine artist success through remastering the mainstream ideologies that hold so many artists back from their own success. Their gentle approach is perfect for children and beginners nervous to start, and their unique production expertise makes for an ideal for thriving career musicians.


Today, Sarah Ashley has countless singles in the pipeline and is looking for other budding artists needing top-tier Nashville-ready songwriting guidance. Her songwriting expertise can be heard on all platforms through her originals and her growing roster of clients via Naturally Remastered.